Assigning IDs with relevant data for phone survey

I want to assign IDs with relevant data (name, father name, last appointment health facility etc, cell phone numbers) to data collectors and they are required to make phone calls to cell numbers and collect data from respondent.
Currently, i provide them printed logsheet with all the relevant data (name, father name, last appointment to health facility etc, cell phone numbers) and they collect data on epicollect survey and once completed mark it as done in printed logsheet manually.
It is a challenging for me to merge both sheets (logsheet / epicollect survey responses) because of human errors data collectors make sometimes (calling ID 123 and write ID 456 on epicollect). Unqiue identifiers on both is ID.
Is it possible that i upload a list of IDs / respondents information beforehand in the epicollect and when surveyor login they can select an ID and continue with the survey?



There are a couple of approaches

1 - A dropdown/radio list, each row provide ID, phone number etc. The users select one option and they collect the data

2 - Use a hierarchy structure where your parent form is your LOGSHEET, and the child form is the SURVEY.
Then you add entries to the LOGSHEET (id, name etc…), and set the entries limit to that form (so one can add entries to it). →

When your users download the project, tell them to download the entries of the LOGSHEET form as well →

At that point, they will have a list of entries (IDs, etc) etc to pick from, and they will start adding data to the SURVEY form of the selected LOGSHEET entry.

You will still have 2 csv files to merge, but no human error since you can use Epicollect5 auto-generated UUIDs to consolidate the data.

We hope this helps