Can you have a "preferred" option from a dropdown defined by the user?

A team of data collectors work on different localities of a province collecting data from houses. Team member name and locality have to be recorded using a dropdown list. To avoid looking through the long list of members and localities names on each session, can a user “lock” his/her name and locality name for the day he is working on?. Thanks

That is not possible we are afraid.

We would recommend trying to re-structure your forms, what you are looking for is easily doable by using multiple forms or branches.

A hierarchy structure USER > HOUSE will do for example. So the collector will fill the USER form only once, and add multiple HOUSE entries, all of them linked to the same USER.

A similar approach but using BRANCH(es)->

To consolidate the data in the post-processing, see →

You might also want to look at SEARCH questions for quicker lookups if you still want the list →

As a rule of thumb, any time there is too much repetition and redundancy during the data collection, that means the structure of the forms needs to be tweaked accordingly.