Lock Fields for Multiple Entries

If a recorder is making multiple entries is it possible to lock fields such as name and email so they don’t need to keep inputting them?


that is not possible per se.
However, if the project is private, the user email is automatically added to each entry metadata so it is not necessary to ask it at all.

If the project is public, a hierarchy forms structure can overcome this. For example, a parent form USER asking for user details then a child form DATA asking for the actual data. This way the user info is entered only once, but multiple DATA forms can be added to that USER.
Or you could use a single USER form with a BRANCH. The form will ask for user details and the branch for the actual data. Again, this way a single USER form can have multiple BRANCHes.

On the post-processing, all the data coming from multiple forms or branches (therefore from multiple files) can be consolidated.

More info and examples: