Project privacy VIEWS

Hello! I am inquiring about the option of keeping some sensitive data of my project from being exposed to the view (coordinates and personal data of the collectors, etc.)


projects can be private and COLLECTOR users only see their own data.

Please see Edit Project Details - Epicollect5 Data Collection User Guide

and Manage users - Epicollect5 Data Collection User Guide

Hi, If I may echo the OP concerns, I have a similar dilemna which remains unanswered. If the project is private, the email address of someone who participates in the survey is automatically recorded in the data. Keeping a project private however becomes unworkable if the number of participants could be in the tens of thousands as they would each have to be pre-approved. Making a project public does not automatically record a participants email address, but this could be requested via the form. However with a public project, those email addresses are accessible to anyone who chances upon the project. My concern as a potential project owner is that under European GDPR regulations (which we still must follow in the UK) any holding of personal data must be declared to the potential participants and transparent explanations as to how that data might be used. No matter what the project organiser states in the form, it is invalid and therefore illegal as the project owner has no control over any personal data in a public project because it is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. I wondered whether it would be considered possible to create a change whereby, in a public project, the project owner could ‘switch off’ any data that they did not wish to be publicly seen (via the form build perhaps) otherwise large scale participation public projects are potentially non compliant with the law on GDPR if they contain any personal data. If anyone has figured a workaround on this I’d love to hear it

Epicollect5 is not the best tool for this use case, have a look at ODK-X, Google Forms or Survey Monkey, for example.