Access to data via API for a private project

Hi! :blush:

I have a project in Epicollect5 and I am using the API to retrieve data from my system. When the project is in public mode :earth_africa:, everything works correctly when querying the data or records of the form through the Epicollect API. However, when the project is in private mode :lock:, errors appear when obtaining the data.

I would like to know if projects always need to be in public mode to make queries through the API :question:. Additionally, I need to know how I can retrieve the email address of the person who collected the information :e-mail: from the JSON response, i.e., who made that entry in Epicollect.

This issue is crucial for me since most of the projects I handle contain sensitive data and cannot be public :warning:.

Thank you very much! :pray:

Epicollect5 provides an API to fetch data programmatically using some simple GET requests.

Access Epicollect5 API

You can access your data using the endpoints of your project which are listed in the project’s API section. If your project is private, you will need to create a client ID and SECRET for authentication as explained in our User Guide →


Authenticate with the Epicollect5 API using the provided credentials. This typically involves including your client ID and SECRET in the headers of your requests to exchange them with a token to be used to fetch your data, see the examples →

Retrieve Data

Use the API endpoints to retrieve the data you need. You will need to specify parameters like the project or form from which you want to fetch data, see →

Data Processing

Once you’ve obtained the data, you can process it as needed. This involves parsing the JSON responses from the API to suit your needs. See an example of JSON response →

Integrate with Third-party System

Now, you can integrate the fetched data into your third-party system, be it a website or a database. The integration method will depend on the specific requirements and capabilities of your third-party system.

Regular Updates

If your data needs to stay up-to-date, consider implementing periodic data synchronization to keep your third-party system current with the data in Epicollect5.

Remember to respect the terms of use and policies of Epicollect5 while using their API, and be polite and ethical in your interactions with the platform and its users.

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