Access to photos Tableau Public when EpiCollect project is Private mode

I currently use Tableau Public to analyse and present EpiCollect data and also to let people view photos collected. This works well while the project is in “Public” mode but stops working when in “Private” mode. Is there any way around this (i.e. can links to photos be made to work while in Private mode, if necessary via a log in?)?

To test this I set up a test project “Michael C test”. When this is in public mode, the photo links work within Tableau Public. But in private mode the photos no longer appear and I get the message “{“errors”:[{“code”:“ec5_77”,“title”:“This project is private. Please log in.”,“source”:“middleware”}]}”in the Tableau Public window. This happens even if I’m logged in to EpiCollect within the same browser.

Any advice welcome!



what you are experiencing is the correct behaviour.
Without authentication, a third-party client (Tableau in this instance) can’t access a private project.

The API authentication is separate from the user authentication, so it does not matter whether or not you are logged in to Epicollect5 in your browser.

If you look at our docs here →

you will see you need to create the client ID and client Secret for that project, use those credentials to get a temporary token and provide that token to all requests made by Tableau.
More info with examples in our Developer Guide →

We do not have any experience with Tableau but we assume it should be possible to add an authorization header to its external requests since it is pretty common.

just remember each token lasts for 2 hours, after that, you will need to request a new one. In our docs, we provide a few examples.

We hope this helps