Adding collector users to a project, is a notification email sent?

I Have two private projects "FAHON AGROINDUSTRIA" and “FAHON DESARROLLO” im having issues with adding new data collectors I tried twice from the platform, and they dont recieve the email to join as collectors, I even tried to send an email to myself, and I did not recieve the email.

I will aprecciate your help.

Best Regards.

Hello. From my experience, you don’t get an email. Adding their email in the database of your EpiCollect5 dashboard is enough. Then, get the user to log in with that email and then they become a collector. Hope this helps.

From the User Guide at

Once the user logs into Epicollect5, access to the project will be granted based on the role specified if the email address matches.

We do not send emails when a user is added to a project, but as soon as the users log in with that email, they will see the projects they are members of on the “My Projects” page.

You can double-check the list of project members by role on the “Manage Users” page.

Thanks for your answers!!, I problem solved. I think we should open a WhatsApp group where we can discuss our doubts about the platform.