Adding names to a dropdown list dynamically

Is it possible for a data collector to add a name in a dropdown list while entering data? It is the case of a list of locality names that can miss one locality. Can you program the form with an “other name” option, branching to a text entry and the connecting this text entry to the dropdown list? Thanks

In Epicollect5 that sort of functionality is implemented by using jumps.

Please have a look at →

More info on jumps →

yes, I explored JUMPS and it work fine. However, it does not allow to include the “OTHER” to the list of original options. Using JUMPS, somebody has to look at the database and manually include the “OTHER” in the list. Thanks anyway

Have you looked at the example linked?

You can easily join columns in the post-processing of data, which would be just a couple of clicks in either Excel or Google Sheet.


Google Sheets