App not working on Android 8.1

I have downloaded and installed the app on my tecno DroiPad 7F. But it doesn’t want to open. It’s only showing me the logo. What do i do please. I need help ASAP.

Update: Beginning with version 6.0.0, Epicollect5 for Android will only support devices running Android 10 or higher.

Regarding the Tecno DroiPad 7F, please note that the device operates on Android 8.1, an operating system that is no longer supported by Google. For further details, you can refer to:

To potentially address this, you might consider updating the Android WebView by visiting the following link on the Google Play Store:

Also, update (or install) Google Chrome for Android to the latest version

Alternatively, if updating the WebView or Chrome isn’t feasible, you could attempt to install a previous version from the provided link below:

Another viable option is to access the web application directly, which can be found at:

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Thanks for sharing . Very informative .

Thank you