Backing up data without internet

Hello! This question was asked previously but I’m hoping for a more specific answer.

Is there a specific internal folder to which EpiCollect saves entries? I’d like to identify the folder to back it up to an external hard drive-- this would be very useful for times when working well outside of any phone or internet connection for days on end.



unfortunately, that feature is not available yet.

It is under consideration but we are currently focusing on other issues with higher priority.

Haven’t looked into this, but I’m sure this is possible as the open source version of epicollect used to use SQL.

What device are you running the epicollect on? It’s very likely stored to wherever the default storage is for that device.

Let me know and I’ll see if I can find the location. Might be blocked off for Apple devices, but would likely be fairly straightforward for Android.

The Epicollect5 data folder, found in both Android and iOS environments, resides within the app’s private directory.

iOS: /var/mobile/Applications/<UUID>/

Android: /data/data/<app-id>/

This location ensures that it remains inaccessible to third-party applications regardless of the underlying platform.

Even in scenarios where the device is rooted or jailbroken (not recommended), the data is stored in a proprietary JSON data structure.
It significantly differs from the parsed structure accessible to the user.