Better page formatting while printing

  1. While I attempt to print an entry, the table breaks across the page with half of a row appearing in one page and half on the other (see attached image). Can you please do something to ensure that rows do not break across pages?

  2. While printing, the margins at the sides of the page are sufficient, but the margins at the top and bottom of the page appear to be insufficient (see attached image). There is no way to customize the margin before printing. Can you please increase the margin or provide a way to customize it before printing?


unfortunately since each form is different and there are endless combinations of rows and row length, we do not have any control on how the printed page is formatted, we are afraid. What works for one form would break on another one.

The only solution is to print as a PDF tweaking its settings. If that is not enough, edit that PDF with proper tools like Adobe Acrobat or similar.

Thanks for the answer. I shall try the suggestion.