Black text boxes with black coloured text entries?

For some reason I am finding with Epicollect on a couple of projects that some of the question within the survey are black, when I type in the answer I am unable to see what I have placed in the reply box as the text is also black, I have done a screen shot to show what I am experiencing ? Any advice why this is happening would be great to resolve this issue ?

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Could you please provide the phone model and software version?

Do you have dark mode enabled on your device? What happens if you switch it off?

Thank you

We can reproduce the issue when enabling dark mode on iOS

Thanks for reporting, we will look into it.

I have now identified the issue, it appears if your phone is in dark mode it makes the text boxes dark ? I flicked my phone over to light mode and the text boxes are now much clear ? However if your phone is in auto mode that it goes back into dark mode for evening night time, the black boxes reapoear.

I am using an Apple SE 2022 with the current updated IOS

That is correct.

It will be fixed in our next update (5.1.8).

It should be available in a few days on the App Store

Sorry for the inconvenience.

No problem, it just threw me using the App with the dark boxes ? Glad the issue was identified regards

PS throughly enjoy using Epicollect, it’s a brilliant piece of software.

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The issue should be fixed with version 5.1.8