Bulk Uploads: Incorrect Time Format

What is the correct format for time entry. I used hh:mm:ss and it is incorrect.

That depends on what you have set on your forms.

Also, be sure there are not any spaces or hidden chars (from copying/pasting from Word or similar)

Thank you for your response. I don’t change the time format, it is the default Hours:Minutes:Seconds. No space or hidden char as I know of, because I just reuploaded the CSV using bulk editing feature.


Works for us. If you tell us your project name we can double check

This is our project name: https://five.epicollect.net/project/ipb-ubs-kuantitatif-d. The time entry question is the third from the back. Thank you

All is good for us again.
You might send us the failing rows .csv file by email (five.epicollect.net@gmail.com) so we could try with that file.

It is OK now, strange. Anyway, thank you for your assistance.

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