Can collector roles delete their own entries?

Hi team
We noticed suddenly half of the data of a one project was deleted. We are trying to source how the data is deleted.
We created another project where i was only collected. and i noticed that as a collector i was able to delete the entries in my mobile after uploading the data to cloud.
My understanding was that collector cannot delete any data in mobile/ web once data is synch to the cloud. Lastly, is there any way i can trace who deleted the data?
Pls confirm

As detailed in our User Guide, users assigned the role of COLLECTOR are provided with fundamental project access, which encompasses the ability to view and upload their own data through the mobile client or web interface. Please note that collectors are unable to make modifications to the project itself, but they do possess the privileges to view, edit, or remove their own entries.

It’s important to emphasize that Collector A does not have the authority to access entries belonging to Collector B. Nevertheless, Collector A retains full control over the editing and deletion of their own entries.

To prevent users from making edits or deletions to entries, consider changing their role to Viewer once the data collection phase concludes.

Regarding your query about identifying the user who deleted the data, Epicollect5 does not maintain a record of user actions. However, given that the project is private, you can contact each collector via email and inquire directly about any data deletions.