Cannot see map view on smartphone. Wagtails

I’m just starting with a project called Wagtails. Its an art project. It seems to work on my laptop windows and chrome however i do not seem to be able to get the map view on my smartphone. It works on the windows machine. Any help would be appreciated. Peter

Please see →

I have resolved this issue. You have to migrate to project info and it is an option under the menu on the data page. you then need to select Project Info. Then you need to select the square box with an arrow in the top right hand corner of the screen . View Data and then use the menu selector and Map is an option. If the developers ever read this comment may i suggest that i could certainly do with a rethink about how this option can be seen. It really should be available as a menu option on the from page of the app. Cheers Peter

Thanks for your feedback.

The “Project Info” is related to a specific project, so a project must be selected first.

Once a project is selected, there is a right menu showing all the options for that project, “Project Info” is one of them.

We think it makes more sense this way.