Can't log in - Invalid login token

I am the Owner of two projects and I can’t log in due to an invalid login token error message.

This has effectively locked me out of the project and I need to transfer ownership to another person soon. I am also unable to add or update new managers.

Is there another way I can log in? Can I provide the email address of the new owner and you update in the backend? Creating a new account (as was the solution to a similar issue raised) is not an option for me.

I would appreciate your assistance ASAP.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Have you tried to copy and paste the link in the email instead of using the “Login” button?
Could you please try to do that on a fresh email as the token is single-use only?

Thankyou so much for the quick response. I had tried pasting the link earlier and it hadn’t worked but this time it did! I think I may have been trying the link after already clicking the Login button on the same email. This issue is resolved.

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That is great to hear!

The authentication link is causing problems for many users therefore it is going to be replaced by a one-off numeric code (like our mobile apps) very soon.