Changing IP Address

Hi there,

We are currently busy with a project where there are multiple people capturing data of old archive architectural plans . We are reading in data and taking a reference photo with each plan. We had a problem with the system where all the photos didn’t want to upload, so we would like to relink all the photos. The problem is, one of the people aren’t working with us anymore, we have to relink their photos as well, but we do not have access to them as the data was captured on their mobile phone. Is there any way we can relink or download multiple photos at once? Or maybe change the IP address so that one of the people busy with this project can do it manually.

Thank you in advance!


If some photos were not uploaded, and the device where the photos were saved is not available anymore, there is no way to recover them.

To answer your other question: to download photos in bulk, currently, the only option is via our API →

We hope this helps