Changing Question Mid way data collection

We created a questionnaire with responses in non english language. We mapped the non english responses to english words / codes to enable easy viewing. However, the Title is not taking those codes and is giving weird characters. So mid way through data collection, if I were to change the non responses to english version; will it affect the data which has already been captured?

For Eg:
Question is : Name of village
Responses as dropdown are : રામગઢ , કરીમનગર , વિગેરે

Now if I change the Responses to their English Counterpart: Ramgadh , Karimnagar , Etc

Will this affect data which has already been collected?

Thanks in anticipation…


can you elaborate

the Title is not taking those codes and is giving weird characters.

Where does this happen?

The mapping has nothing to do with the title though, the title is always built with what you specify in the formbuilder. Any UTF-8 language is supported, so how did you end up with weird characters? What language are you using? If you see the responses correctly as રામગઢ , કરીમનગર , વિગેરે in the dropdown, the title should have those.

See this sample project we just built Epicollect5 - EC5 Test languages and try to add data.

If you see weird characters when you open the exported csv file in Excel, that is an Excel issue which has nothing to do with Epicollect5, see the workaround here →

Many thanks for pointing out the Excel incompatibility. I could manage a workaround.
However, just for our knowledge, could you pls comment what would happen in case I decide to change responses nomenclature mid way. Say from Boy / Girl to Male / Female or as I had suggested earlier; from Gujarati language to English ones.

Thanks again for the prompt response and resolution.

If you make the changes using the formbuilder, have a read at

Please be aware the TITLE property will not update to reflect the changes, your old titles will stay the same