Checkbox, and Opening csv files in SPSS

Hi Dear,
I hope you are doing well.
I am new to epicollect5 data collection software and I am trying to collect data for the first time. However, I get difficulty in data management after downloading in the csv format.

  1. for example the answer I don’t know, appear in excel in three separate column
  2. Questions having the answer more than one (checkbox) appeared in one column

Therefore could you help me please?

Hi there,

to get started with Epicollect5 have a read at the User Guide →

about your questions:

1 - Not clear, can you elaborate?
2- Correct, all the chosen values are in single-column since they are the answers to the same question. If you need each answer in a separate column, it is easy to do that In Excel with a couple of clicks → Split text into different columns with the Convert Text to Columns Wizard - Excel

Thank you very much for sharing the link and I tried it after showing the video, and I understand the problem and solved it. Very much appreciated.
Question number one, when I open the csv file using spss the answer having more than two words appeared in a separate column which is not matched with the variable name. (another example: the answer No education appeared in a different column(No in one column, Education in other colunm)


That is probably due to some spss settings, does it work if you open the csv in Google Sheets for example?
We do not have any experience in spss we are afraid.

Yes, it works in google sheet. Thank you for your help!

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