Checkboxes answers in Google Sheet

I’ve managed to link epicollect with google Sheets, but with checkboxes questions where more than one option is selected, only the first option shows up in the appropriate cell. All options selected are shown in the “data” tab of epicollect, so I’m wandering what I’ve done wrong here?

Hi there,

How did you “link” the two platforms? By importing the csv file or using the IMPORTDATA function?


I imported the data using a CSV through a macro on google Sheets (I think!). It’s the method shown on part 3 of this guide

Is this the issue? is there a workaround?


We are not the creators of that guide, you might ask them about it. You could add your issue to their Github page.

However, can you try this instead to see if it works?

You could create a dummy public project with just a CHECKBOX. If that works (it should), that means the issue is not on the Epicollect5 side.

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