Collector Identification Code

Hi! Is there a way to map entries to their collectors? Maybe some automatic code (as for ec5_uuid) so that, in case there are problems with some entries, we can go back to the user?


from the User Guide at Metadata - Epicollect5 Data Collection User Guide,

Private projects only, the email of the user who created the entry

In your exported csv, per each entry, you will find the email of the user who created that entry.

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We have a “initials of recorder” form entry to try and manage this issue - a public project,


With a Private project, how do I permission access to someone? Struggling to find anything appropriate in the user guide. thanks

Maybe the “Manage User” section is what you are looking for - > Manage users - Epicollect5 Data Collection User Guide

We have a curator set up to do data administration in an older (private) App version… in preparation for an attempted migration of this old data to a newer app. It works well, the curator that is, not sure about the new EpiCollect5 data transfer/migration feature yet

Thanks for that that’s really helpful. Is it possible to engage with someone directly offline who could help me examine whether Epicollect5 could help with a potential UKwide survey that I’m trying to construct?. Dealing with each issue I encounter one by one is going to take a long time and I’d hate to be wasting anyone’s time.