Collector Report Privacy

Project Name: RTWAS Catch Reports

Hi. I was under the impression from the user guide that if I set a user up as a collector then they wouldn’t be able to see other peoples reports. Is this not right? I need users to be able to see the reports they’ve made to Epicollect but not others. Is this not possible? What do I need to change in my set up?

Thank you

That is correct.
A user with a COLLECTOR role cannot access other users’ entries.
However, you must set your project as private since anyone can view public projects.

Yes, he’s set as a collector and the project is private. Can’t understand it

Sounds good. What is the issue?

You can easily test it yourself. Add a dummy COLLECTOR user with a spare email you own, and use that to log in to Epicollect5.
When you access the project, you will not be able to view other users’ entries but just your own.