"created_by" metadata

During testing of new data fields in a cloned version of an existing project “V3” app. I noticed that “the system” is adding in a new “created_by” field, which I only noticed on data export. This “created_by” field was NOT a part of my updated V3 app “SSI Watershed Gp V3 BKUP n VelBoard test 20240130” form add-ins and is not visible in the Form Builder menu, nor is this field present in data exports from the original version of our V3 app “SSI Watershed Groups Version 3”. Not sure what is going on, why the new “created_by” field?

I am assuming that the “created_by” field is a default added at the Epicollect5 level, and am concerned about how this new field modifies our data display/exports workflow (Excel macros working on defined columns, Python working via an API interface). Grateful for any pointers

If the “created_by” field is a default added at the Epicollect5 level, I would like to have a work around so that this unneeded field is not visible/used. Thank you

From the user Guide at

created_by Private projects only , the email of the user who created the entry (if available, if a project was initially set as public, those public entries will not have any user linked.

It is not possible to hide it we are afraid.