CSV and incorrect column titles and Google sheets

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When I try to download my data in a csv format, it does not come out in columns and rows. It is just filled into the first cell and missing some column titles. Never happened to me before but I have this issue with two Projects.

I tried Google sheets to see if it helps with the problem, however the data does not show up at all in Google sheets and I followed the video as well as used the code that is linked to in the guide as the project is private.

Any and all help would be appreicated! My field work starts next week.

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We cannot reproduce the issue on our side

However, there is an Excel bug with UTF-8 languages and the workaround is documented here →

If you give us your project names we can double check

Thanks so much, The problem persists unfortunately and I am not sure why. The projects are Vogelfontein Pet census and another I have.

One of my projects has a lot of photos and the Google sheet is not able to fully dowload all the photos. It stops syncing at some point.

My apologies for not having seen this earlier.

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There are some size limits on Google Sheets as you experienced.

I guess there is. I am just devastated because I will have to find a way to get the photos and then match them with the entry…it is like pen and paper again.

Re the csv file, apparently one has to open Excel first and then from there open the csv file and make changes how it is displayed. Just in case someone else runs into that problem.

Thank you for your quick replies! I love using Epicollect5.

You could get the media programmatically by using our API

Or you could look at this integration, they are importing the images to Google Sheets. To overcome the size limits you might have to split the project into multiple sheets.