De-select the entry made while doing data entry

Suppose while doing data entry, I select one option (e.g., date i.e., 01/04/2021). Is that possible to de-select it and leave the answer empty?

Yes, as long as the answer is not required, it can be left empty.

But the query is suppose I have selected the response (01/04/22) by mistake, it it possible to remove the response and leave it empty by de-selecting my current response (01/04/22) ?

Have you tried to do that?

What was the issue?

I don’t want to put the date in one of the question but by mistake I selected one of the date.
Now, I am not able to remove the selected date and leave it empty. Is there any solution for this?

You can do that on the mobile app, by tapping “Clear” or the “X”

Not possible (yet) on the web app

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