Does email-only login still require a google linked email address?

Hi there,

Could you please advise whether the email only log-in must still be made via a google or google-linked email account?

When following the link send to two accounts (one gmail the other not google linked) it gave a “login token invalid” error.

Thank you.

No, any email will do. Tokens expire after 10 minutes and can be used only once.

I and others are still getting the ‘login token invalid’ error with non google linked email addresses. We are clicking on the link sent to our inbox immediately after receiving it. Could there be anything else going wrong, or is this an issue anyone else is having?

Many thanks for your help.

We cannot reproduce the issue on our side. We had ~500 logins by email in the past 7 days.

Could you please answer the following:

  • Have you tried a disposable email, for example using

  • Are you opening the emails (Google and not-Google) on the same email client?

  • What email client are you using?

  • Does it happen by clicking the login button or copy/pasting the URL, or both?


Do you have some solution? I’m in the same problem the Token is invalid

So every time you request a token, it is always invalid? Tokens are single-use only and expire after 30 minutes.

Hi, I was able to access my data prior to a change in the forms - formerly they included a url link to copy and paste and the button but now only the button to press - which is suppressed by my university’s spam filters… best

We restored the URL in the login email, let us know if that works for you.

Every single email token I have requested in the past 2 weeks has given me the ‘Login Token Invalid’ error message

Have you tried to copy and paste the text link provided?

We are setting this as resolved, the solution is to copy and paste the URL into the browser instead of using the login button.

As stated in the authentication email:

If the login button did not work for you,

next time copy and paste the URL below into your browser.