Download data different from web data

Hi, We are having an issue with downloaded data not matching the data entered (and shown) on the web. For example, we have a radio question for the person collecting the data. We select a team member “First Name _ Last Name” and move on. This shows up correctly when viewing the data online. However when you download the data the column fills with “I am a placeholder” instead of the team members name.

Any thoughts on how to correct this?

When you view the details of your project, on the menu list on the left hand side check the one for Map Data.

Here you can alter what comes through on the download vs what is shown as the answer on the app (not sure about how it presents online).

I have found that sometimes when you add questions or alter answers, then this part doesn’t update and so it comes through as the old value (or like yours - “I am a placeholder”

Could you please provide an example so we could look into it?

Thank you