Online data and download data differ

I am having an issue where data online and data downloaded are occasionally not matching, and I can’t find a good reason for the problem.

In the attached photos, you can see that no entries have been made for “Species of trees greater than 10”. However, on downloading, this same data entry shows a 4, and these are linked via a branch form.

Downloaded data:

Data online:

This problem seems similar to that posted in this forum topic (Download data different from web data - #3 by Epicollect5), however, the suggested solution doesn’t seem to work in this case (I don’t see an option to change what data is downloaded in the “Map Data” menu.

The project in this case is Private, but named “NWT Fire History”.

It seems that the branch entries counter might be wrong when data are downloaded.
We will look into it

We’ve identified the issue, and it appears to be an edge case.

In your question “% Cover Trees Greater Than 10 m,” there’s a jump set to skip the branch question “Species of Trees Greater Than 10 m” if the answer is 0, directing the flow directly to “Samples.” As a result, the dataviewer correctly ignores all cells between “% Cover Trees Greater Than 10 m” and “Samples” when the answer is 0, as expected.

However, despite this setup, there are 4 branches saved for that entry. These branches were likely added using an older version of the project where the jump wasn’t set. Consequently, the counter shows 4 when the dataset is downloaded, presumably counting those 4 old branch entries.

We’re currently unsure if this issue can be easily resolved and the timeframe to get it fixed. Thanks for flagging it anyway, we will investigate further.
It’s worth noting that the error lies within the downloaded dataset and not the dataviewer itself.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.