Download images using Epicollect5 API

Hi folks,

I admin a site that uses epicollect to download images and save them. It usually displays the images as icons while it downloads them, but as of late the images are no longer coming through.

Has anything changed at epicollect? Before downloading images I test the api connection with slug, project id and secret…and it says it is connecting to the api correctly, but alas the images will not download anymore. It has only been like this for two weeks. I have not changed any code on the site so it seems odd. It has worked with this same code for years.

Any help appreciated!


We suggest following these steps:

Retrieve Authentication Credentials:

Begin by obtaining the authentication credentials required for integrating with your third-party system.
You can acquire these credentials by following the instructions at

Review Correct Endpoints:

Please review the accurate endpoints available for your integration.
These can be found in the documentation section related to Media

Examples and Implementations:

Explore the examples provided in our documentation, which offer practical illustrations of accessing the endpoints. You’ll find various examples demonstrating different languages, including PHP.

API rate limiting.

Be aware of API rate limiting as explained at

This feature is in place to ensure optimal resource utilization and maintain system efficiency for all users.

Our team is actively monitoring the system to prevent abuse of resources.
We must maintain a balanced and fair environment for all users leveraging our API services.

By following these steps, you’ll be well-equipped to access the appropriate endpoints using the correct authentication credentials.

this does not answer my question… the whole site was already set up, and working… all of this endpoint / login stuff was already sorted out, it has been working fine for years… and the code hasn’t changed

Could you kindly share an example, possibly with screenshots, illustrating the issue you’re encountering? Moreover, please provide the name of the project(s) affected by the issue.

Your insights will greatly assist in understanding and resolving the problem.

Thank you.

No issues on our (private) test project.

The photo is fetched correctly, see below screenshot (Insomnia client

See the fiddle at

No issues on our public test project either, see the fiddle at