Download 'OLDEST'

During the download process, i selected ‘OLDEST’ so that when I add my own id code for each entry, which is in ascending order, it will sure go to the oldest record down to the newest. My concern is, the downloaded data are still arranged in ascending order, that is, the newest records appear first, so my own id code goes to the newest entries instead of the oldest. Is it possible to get the data in descending order, ‘OLDEST’. Thank you.

@Chito_Federico There is no “OLDEST” option when downloading your data

You can select MAPPING, TIMEFRAME and the format

Anyway, you can easily sort your exported csv file in Excel or similar tools.

Sorry to contradict, but there is an ‘OLDEST’ option during the download process at the top right corner where I have the option to download it using csv or json

Do you mean the dataviewer table sort options? That has nothing to do with the download of csv data, it will just sort the entries in the current view table.
The download options are listed in the download drawer, see screenshot.

Ok got it, thanks much. I just thought that that option will also reflect on the download. so its simply for viewing.

You can sort when exporting data using the API → Get Entries - Epicollect5 Data Collection API