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‘Download’ option has not been available to download CVS file. This happens on ‘Kidzone’ and ‘Main Church’.
Uploaded images also have not been downloadable.
Please kindly help.


to download data please read Downloading Data - Epicollect5 Data Collection User Guide

to download media please read Downloading Media

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Hello! Can you provide a real example of how to write the hyperlink to bulk download? That would be the step 3 of Downloading Media post that it is now closed.
For example, should I use the name of the photograph provided in the cvs file? which is the path to the photo location? In this example the .jpg is the name provided in the cvs file but I do not know how link to the location of each photo in the epicollect web page!
=Hyperlink(location?; [af6ad2eb-40e9-4b2e-81cf-6e8887218d3e_1561488522.jpg])

We have not written that procedure ourselves, it was an Epicollect5 user contribution on our old community page.

Anyway, the format is like:

just replace ec5-demo-project with your project slug and 8a1563c4-e253-47a6-8f4c-8672cb01694d_1623769142.jpg with your filename. The project must be public to use that plugin.

More info Get Media - Epicollect5 Data Collection API

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