Downloading Media

If the project is public a public URL to each media is provided in the csv file. If the project is private, we only provide the file name, as there is not a public URL.

You can still view your media via the dataviewer as long as you log in. Any photo/audio/video can be downloaded using the browser, one by one.

A feature to bulk download the media files for a project is on our todo list and will be added at a later stage.

For the time being, if you are into coding, you could use our API to get the media files programmatically: Get Media - Epicollect5 Data Collection API

There is also a Firefox plugin → Simple mass downloader – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)

Steps for download photographs from Epicollect5 from web server

  1. Down load csv file from Epicollect5 webserver
  2. Open downloaded file and insert one column with any name like “Photographs”
  3. Then in the first cell of column write formula =Hyperlink (Actual cell path of Photographs, “temp label name”)
  4. Save this file as a .html format
  5. Download Firefox web browser and install add-on “Simple Mass Downloader” and do refresh then “Simple Mass Downloader” option will appear on top right corner
  6. Open .html file on Firefox browser by Ctr O
  7. Click on ‘Simple Mass Downloader”
  8. Click load page link in Simple Mass Downloader
  9. We will get all Photographs list in Simple Mass Downloader window
  10. Click select all option
  11. Click download button on right down corner
  12. We will get the all photographs in download folder
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