Dynamic lookups

Hi, is there any way to dynamically upload data to a lookup list through something like a post api to a lookup list, we have lookup data that changes over time and am keen to integrate that change

You can only upload data to the Epicollect5 server. From there, using our API, you can connect to a third-party service, like your own server or Google Sheets or anything you like.
Not sure this is what you are looking for, but we have an example here →

Yip so that’s downloading form data I think? In my situation - If I have say a lookup in my form that has sheep and goats as options what I’d like to do is add cattle (obviously a simple example) without going through the form design process but rather to dynamically update the lookup based on a list of species that I might have on a spreadsheet or a database or whatever

That is not possible we are afraid.