EpiCollect app started requiring login code for some (gmail) users and doesn't stay logged in

Two users have reported issues recently since (but not immediately after, as far as we are aware) making our projects private.

Both use Gmails to log into the app and access the projects. But both seem to get logged out between app uses. When they log in, it doesn’t seem to recognise them with a personal greeting at the top of the menu section and identify which email they are logged in with as it does with others. And despite using Gmail accounts, it still wants to send them a code to enter, even though they have already logged in, before they can upload any of their entries.

Could it be a setting on their phone? One uses iPhone, the other Huawei.


Are they using Gmail via the Google Sign-In authentication flow or using a Gmail address to ask for a one-off code?
In the latter case, please be aware those authentication sessions last 24 hours, so if the “between app uses” are more than 24 hours apart, they will need to login again.

From our docs at https://docs.epicollect.net/web-application/manage-users

Both the magic link and the one-off code expire after 30 minutes and can be used only once. Once authenticated, each session will last 24 hours**.** When the session expires, a new magic link or one-off code must be requested.


They should be as that is why many of them opted to use their personal emails (Gmails) rather than work ones as it made sign in simpler, but I will confirm with them and get back to you.

Thank you.

Indeed it does appear that they were signing in via the email option rather than the Google sign in.

Thank you for your help - it allowed my to figure out what was going a lot faster than I would have alone. Working remotely is great sometimes, but it does have it’s downfalls.

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hi, I’m having the same problem in the 5.0 beta version. It worked at the beginning but now I cannot access some projects, the app ask me to log in, but I did, and never gives me access but ask me again to login.
I log in via Google sign in.


Hi @Juani_Reppucci , could you please double-check the beta app version you are using?

The latest is 5.0.1