Epicollect5 total storage for each user

Hello everyone. It is said in https://docs.epicollect.net/ that “Epicollect5 is 100% free to use without any limits(*)” but “Please be aware a fair usage policy still applies. For example, if you upload 500 videos at 500MB each that will be 250GB of storage, which is too much.”

So, for each user, how much is the total storage considered fine?

Thank you

While our platform is generally free to use without any limits, there is a fair usage policy in place to prevent excessive resource consumption.

Epicollect5 is not intended to be a free cloud storage solution.

The specific storage limit for each user has not been mentioned in our docs since so it’s not possible to provide an exact number given the dynamic nature of Epicollect5 projects.

You are free to store data and media on our servers for the duration of your data collection, but please be aware our resources are limited.

Thank you

How do I know if I reached the storage limit? Will there be any notifications or something else?