Error message pop up on a README when trying to save a project

The project that this occured on is now fixed. The README limit is 1000 characters. To get this error message solved, I had to reduce from 999 to about 960, which seemed to work but then when I needed to make another amendment and saved again, it would only accept 930. I went back and forth trying to make random changes until eventually accepted my save.

Could it be that I made too many edits and Epicollect didn’t like this?

Or is there a certain format your text needs to be in if copying and pasting? I cleared formatting on notepad so there was no different formatting.


text editors usually add hidden chars for formatting, fonts and line breaks.
As you can see from the error, there is a style declaration “MsoNoSpacing”.
In Epicollect5, those are not filtered therefore they will count towards the total.

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