Error Messages When Trying to Upload

I have two project that have different error messages when enumerators trying to upload entry.

GERAKAN ANAK SEHAT APINDO AIPGI KEMENKES : Project version out of date (and after updating project, most of the answer of entries was missing)

GERAKAN ANAK SEHAT APINDO AIPGI KEMENKES 2 : No data attribute found in json structure

Can you please provide me information why this is happened and how can I fix/prevent it? Thank you!

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

This situation often arises when a project form(s) undergoes updates during the process of data collection, especially when entries have already been saved to the device. When such updates significantly alter the project’s structure, it can lead to complications with existing entries created using an older version.

A recommended course of action is to attempt to unsynchronize the affected entries and then try to upload them once more.

In general, we advise against making extensive modifications to a form until all entries have been successfully uploaded. This practice helps to minimize the likelihood of encountering these types of issues.

To unsync all entries of a project, select the project, open the right drawer menu and tap “Unsync All Entries”.

We hope this helps