Error uploading photos


I have found some trouble uploading photos.

The photos do not seem to upload to the server (pictures bellow):

I tried downloading them manually. In the form it says file available, but when I enter the specific question the photo is not there.

In the database I can see there are files but all the previews are blank and I can not access the photos there either.

Any idea how to solve the problem and access the photos?

We don’t have a solution we are afraid.
It happens randomly on iPhones, maybe after updating iOS, but we were never able to reproduce it.
The only solution is to re-install the app.

Will re-installing the app loose the photos?

It seems they are already lost since you cannot access them via the app.

@Nik_Sabeder did you update iOS before trying to upload the photos? We are trying to reproduce the issue on our iPhones but no luck so far.