Errors with Epicollect5 "collector" user access (via magic link)?

A new SSIFWC Epicollect5 App user (with a current .gmail account) is unable to access their records for editing. The records were created in the field on a smartphone but web browser access for further editing is greyed out. The web browser is Firefox 96.01.

The user logging out and back-in triggers a magic link notification and successful login, but web browser write access to smartphone data entered is still denied.

Any pointers?

Is it a public or private project?

Are the entries created with the same email?

If the project is public and the entries were created on the device without being logged in, it is not possible to link those entries to the user. They can only be modified on the original device where they were created. On the web application, those entries can be edited only by users with a project role of CURATOR, MANAGER or CREATOR.

The project is active and public but is hidden. Not sure if the user was logged in on their smartphone will check, and can consider giving this individual curator status
Thank you

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Estou fazendo testes no projeto ainda.
É o primeiro projeto que criamos e ainda estamos inseguros.

Ainda estamos fazendo testes e ajustes no projeto.

Ainda estou fazendo testes no projeto. Quando concluído, serão muitos usuáris