How can I register multiple entries for the same form over a time period

Every year, we monitor a trail with 500 nest boxes for birds. Each box is checked approximately 6 times every season to record breeding parameters of the birds such as number of eggs, number of eggs that hatched, number of chicks that left the nest, etc. I need to create a form that allows me visualize the data collected by nest. Is this possible? Any suggestions on how to achieve this using your platform?
Thanks in advance!

You will need to use a hierarchy structure with parent and child forms, like BOX > BREEDING.

That will create a one-to-many relationship since one BOX entry can have one or more BREEDING entries.
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The first time you collect data, you will add the 500 BOX entries (if there are multiple collectors, add a unique question to avoid duplicates).

Each time you go back to check the boxes you will add a BREEDING entry (again, use a unique question to avoid duplicates) to an existing BOX entry.

When you view the data on Epicollect, select the BOX entry you are interested in to view the BREEDING entries for that box.

When you work with multiple collectors, on each device, you can download the BOX entries to add the BREEDING recordings.
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If you need to download the data at some point, Epicollect5 will create a csv file per each form or branch, so in this case, you will have a BOX file and a BREEDING file. If you need to, you can consolidate the data together in Excel or Google Sheets easily.
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