How to a create a question that requires numerical answer to several questions on a drop down?

RTWAS CATCH REPORT is the project name. How do I create a question that possibly requires a numerical answer to several questions on a drop-down? Ie. Our project is to be used to collect data of how many of each species of fish a member catches in a session

What about a BRANCH question called “Fish Species” having a GROUP with two nested questions, a DROPDOWN with the list of species and a NUMERIC question?
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That :eyes: s like it would work. Can you guide me as to how to set that up?

Here is the project definition json file you can import →

To import a project from an Epicollect5 json file →

Hi, sorry, I’ve tried importing that project but I get an error message “invalid JSON structure”

It works for us.

Sorry but I’m really struggling here despite the suggestions. I want to set up a question where there are multiple options and a numerical answer to each ie. a member may have caught 5 chub, 6 barbel, and 7 roach. I’ve set up the question and a numerical answer in a group but Im only getting the option to put one numerical value for one species. Can you help please?

You need to place that GROUP inside a BRANCH, see the User Guide →

In our example, just think of “Family Member” like your “Fish Species”, the concept is the same.

Thank you. Thats worked well this time. I appreciate your input

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