How to connect Epicollect5 to Power BI?

May I want to know How can connect epicollect5 database to Power BI for data visualization purpose.


You can import the csv file →

To download the csv file from Epicollect5 please see →

Thank you so much for your prompt response, I know the process after download data CSV & json to connect Power BI, But my query was how can get the real time data to connect Power BI Directly ?


We do not have any experience of Power BI we are afraid.

You might have better luck by posting your issue on the Power BI community page

I believe that you could do it with the API that EpiCollect promotes.

Let me know if you have managed to do it, since I am also wanting to make that live connection happen.

Has anybody got a live connection to Power BI to work?

You could try this approach, just use the Epicollect5 API URLs instead of the The Solar System OpenData they are using in the example.

  1. Retrieve Data from the API:
  • Open Power BI Desktop.
  • Click on “Home” in the top menu.
  • Select “Get Data.”
  • Choose “Web” or “JSON” (depending on the format of the API response) as the data source.
  • Enter the API endpoint URL and any required authentication information.
  • Power BI will connect to the API and retrieve the data.
  1. Transform and Shape Data: Use Power Query Editor in Power BI to clean, transform, and shape the data retrieved from the API. You can perform data cleansing, filtering, merging, and other transformations as needed.
  2. Visualize Data:
  • Create visualizations, reports, and dashboards using the data you imported and transformed.
  • Use Power BI’s visualization tools to create charts, tables, maps, and other visual elements.
  1. Schedule Data Refresh: If you want the Power BI report to stay up-to-date with the latest data from the Epicollect5 API, you can set up a data refresh schedule. This ensures that the report is refreshed with the most recent data from the API at specified intervals.
  2. Publish and Share: After creating your report and visualizations in Power BI Desktop, you can publish your report to the Power BI service, where you can share it with others in your organization.