How to contribute to epicollect5?

I would like to contribute to the EpiCollect5 project, is there a way to do so? Do you take feature reccomendations?

You can use these community pages to ask for features to be implemented.

Please be aware we will only consider feature requests when they are general and benefit many projects and users, not just specific edge cases or personal preferences.


Will you accept a petition to show support for a specific feature that one would request? I’m not sure how else to show widespread benefit but the feature I have in mind is very useful (and opens up EpiCollect5 up to another section of the world (FIRST Robotics Competition).

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Please can “we” revisit the step-by-step (ie inefficient) EpiCollect5 website manipulation/QC of field records and edits therein.

As it stands one is forced to “walk through” discrete data entries to check (edit/add-in) data corrections. Having an all data overview, with the ability to edit (change, copy and paste, filter? etc) multiple fields and/or records at the same time would be very efficient, and reduces RSI risks!

Epicollect5 is a free service provided by the Centre for Genomic Pathogen Surveillance (, an organisation focussed on the surveillance on infectious disease and antimicrobial resistance rather than a large survey company.
While we are glad Epicollect5 has found use outside of the realm of epidemiology, this means different features and services will be prioritized compared to a commercial survey tool.
We hope this clarifies the situation.

You might also look at alternatives like ODK-X or KoboToolBox or SurveyMonkey if they fit your use case better.