How to create a database for research study

I would like to create a database for Research Study.
The study includes 4 different timepoints, where data will be collected for each subjects. I would like to know, how can I connect baseline (formt1) forms with subsequent timepoints forms forms for each subjects. It’s a non-hierarchical structure database.

Kindly consider reviewing the User Guide to start your project →

Once you have created a draft project, we would be delighted to provide additional assistance based on your use case.


I have created a draft project and completed one entry.

I would be grateful, if you please go through it and give your suggestion/feedback.

Project NAme is : Test Project Sapna

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Certainly, could you please provide more details about the use case and any specific issues you are encountering with the form(s) structure? Your additional information will help us better understand your situation and provide more targeted assistance. Thank you.

In my study, there will be 3 timepoints and data will be collected at each timepoint for each subject.
(There should be only one entry per timepoint for each patient. )
On dashboard, can we get icon for each time-point, so that if I click on particular timepoint then it will link to that particular form.

And at the end , I would like to merge all 3 timepoints data to perform the analysis. There should be one single row for each patients data.


  • To access entries associated with individual forms, please utilize the dropdown menu located at the top left. Select the specific form you wish to explore.
  • If you want to view all entries linked to a single parent entry, you can achieve this by clicking on the total count displayed within each row.

For more detailed guidance, please refer to our documentation at:

It’s important to note that viewing all data within a single row when working with multiple forms is not supported in Epicollect5. To consolidate your data, you may need to perform post-processing using tools like Excel or similar software. More information on data consolidation can be found here:

If your specific use case doesn’t align with a hierarchical structure, you might consider utilizing BRANCH(es) instead of child forms. For instance, you can create a main form named “PATIENT” with a branch named “VISIT.” This allows patients to have multiple visits that are not necessarily related to each other. Further details on branches can be found here:

For a comprehensive comparison between child forms and branches, please refer to the following:

We hope this information is helpful for your use of Epicollect5.

Thanks for your reply. I tried to create database using branch function, I think it will work well for my project requirement.


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