How to Download Data with the Same Column Name as in the Form Builder?

Hi, there.

So I made a form with several columns (Surveyor Name, Survey Date, Feature Class) as shown in the picture below.

But then when I downloaded the data, there are differences between the one I made and the download result (1_Surveyor_Name, 2_Survey_Date, 3_Feature_Class)

How do I download the data so that the column name stays as “Surveyor Name, Survey Date, Feature Class”?

Thank you!

Please look at the mapping data feature →

Thanks, I got it!

But then I faced another problem. So, I have a parent-child questions with dependent dropdown as seen in the pic below

So which ever feature type the respondent pick, the downloaded column will be named as “featuretype” either way. But the app won’t let me have duplicate identifier.

What should I do?

Thank you!

You cannot have duplicates as that would generate an invalid data structure.

You could easily have

  • featuretype
  • featuretypeAB
  • featuretypeH