I am not able to login

When I am logging in; there is coming an error saying; “too many request”; “server not able; contact server administrator”.

What is the possible solution of that?

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This is happening to me too (I can log in with my gmail ok, but not the outlook account I use for most of my work).

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Just wait, you probably tried too many times in a row.

Im now getting ‘server error please try again later…’ error

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I am having the same issue, and the error message said to keep trying, then I am locked out now as I did exactly what the error message said to do ??

This is happening with me since morning. Not able to use through outlook. This is urgent, kindly look into this issue.

Same Michael!
Were you able to find any possible solution?

Not really tried many times. This is happening since morning!

No solution so far, alas. My guess is the error happens when it tries to generate the “magic link”

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@Epicollect5 Can you please help with this? This is really urgent!

Just log in with Google or Apple by using the same email.

It should be working as expected now, thanks for flagging.

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Thank you it is working now. Many Many thanks Epicollect5. Appreciate it.

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