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This app is very useful when I visit agricultural fields to collect some data for checking in the platform. When I finish adding an entry, normally I have to go back to fix or fill some fields. I have no problem doing it, but, it is quite difficult to recognize which entry I have to check because each entry has a long internal code as I enclosed:

It is possible to view for example the first answer for each entry, instead of these codes?

From the User Guide at Title - Epicollect5 Data Collection User Guide

Each entry you will add to your device will appear on a list.

To identify each entry, you can set some of your question answers to be part of the entry title

Remember, if you do not set any title at all, the entry unique identifier generated by the system will be shown instead:


Since it is not really readable, we highly recommend you select some questions as title!

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Hi there! I have a related question. During the download process, i selected ‘OLDEST’ so that when I add my own id code for each entry, which is in ascending order, it will sure go to the oldest record down to the newest. My concern is, the downloaded data are still arranged in ascending order, that is, the newest records appear first, so my own id code goes to the newest entries instead of the oldest. Is it possible to get the data in descending order, ‘OLDEST’. Thank you.

@Chito_Federico There is no “OLDEST” option when downloading your data

You can select MAPPING, TIMEFRAME and the format

Anyway, you can easily sort your exported csv file in Excel or similar tools.

How can i relate ID number for Main questionnaire to Branch entries and Child form entries

What is “ID Number”?

Anyway, this might help → Consolidate data - Epicollect5 Data Collection User Guide