Images size reduced even when picked from camera roll

Hi community,

I am aware that when adding picture to forms, taking them within the app reduce the quality size but picking them from the camera roll should not.
However, whether I use an R script to download media or download a single image from the website, the size is reduced to a maximum resolution of 768 × 1024pixels. So the images size are about 200-300kb each while the original file is 3-6MB.
Am I doing anything wrong here?


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Hi there,

From the User Guide at Platforms and media - Epicollect5 Data Collection User Guide

Photos taken/imported to Epicollect5 will be resized to a resolution of 1024 x 768 px (landscape or portrait, aspect ratio 4:3).

This applies to any photo added to the Epicollect5 platform. You could export the original photos you have on your device and link your entries to them in the post-processing of data.

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Thank you for the clarification, I definitely had missed that!

this is however stated on the Data Collection User Guide>

If you want the original, full size image we recommend taking the photos outside of Epicollect5, then import them in Epicollect5 using the image picker when adding an entry. That way the original photo is saved in the device gallery app.

Is there any way to make this option work? My project would be all about crowdsourced images. Thanks!

That works as expected. If you take the photo using the camera app of your phone, then import that photo into the Epicollect5 app using the photo picker, you will have the original size image on your phone and its compressed copy in Epicollect5.

Sorry to expand on this issue on this post, I thought it was better than opening a new one.

In the above project I select"Pick" and then I look for my photo (10MB). However I can only find the downsized image here:

I cannot find the image with the correct resolution. Am I making any mistake?

Do not get me wrong, I understand the concerns of limiting the attachments’ size. I found your app much better than some of the commercial alternatives. It is simple and straightforward yet powerful, so I am trying to verify if I could use it for my project. Honestly, I’d rather pay here for getting extra storage/traffic than using the other commercial apps! Thanks.

The 10 MB image is saved to your phone storage, so you can find it with your gallery app. How to sync that image with the reduced one is up to you, you can give the image a name on your gallery before importing it to Epicollect5.