Invalid file in upload csv

I’m trying to upload a .csv file following the instructions in the guide and it always returns the invalid file message.
I used the template to upload, I ordered the columns correctly and I couldn’t upload.
What could I be doing wrong?

That might be the issue, could you try to use the template as it is without re-ordering the columns?

I didn’t change the column order. I just filled in the data in the template format and saved it as a .csv file

so what do you mean by “I ordered the columns correctly”??

what is the project name?

I put the form responses in the order of the template file
Project name: Vacinacao_PSC_AL_2022_2

We uploaded a dummy entry from a csv file to your project, and all is good.

I managed to upload. It seems that the .csv file format was not being accepted and there were errors in the response formats.

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