Is Epicollect5 a good fit for my use case?

I am experimenting with this app as a tiol for updating missing asset attributes. We have a large number of assets in the field with only partial asset informatiin available. We would like to bulk upload the assets with some of the fields completed. One of the fields will be that asset number. We would like our collectors to be able to select the asset data they are currently working on and complete the missing data and correct a couple of pieces of data the may have originally been incorrect. We will then download the completed information and import it into our SQL database.
Does this seem to be a good use for this App? The last question in the form will be for them to take a picture of the app. Will the file name be listed in last column of the download?
Will the collectors be able to see the entries by asset number or will they only see the euuid that was assigned.
I know i am asking a lot of questions, but this inventory is being updated in an emergency situation. We will be using 10 or 20 collectors.

Thank you for expressing your interest in Epicollect5.

To begin, we recommend referring to our User Guide available at:

For a more hands-on experience and to determine if Epicollect5 aligns with your specific requirements, we suggest creating a sample project and exploring the platform features and potential limitations.